I missed the delivery of my order today. What should I do?
Will the delivery be tried again if I'm not able to collect my order the first time?
The delivery of my order is delayed. What should I do?
What should I do if my order is approved but hasn't been shipped yet?
Can I take the shipment after opening and checking the contents inside?
How do I know my order has been confirmed?
How quickly can I get my order delivered?
My order has reached the nearest delivery hub, but why isn't it out for delivery yet?
My order status shows 'Out for Delivery', but I haven't got it yet. When will I get it?
Why can't I track my order even though it has been shipped?
What should I do if I don't get the invoice for my order?
How do I get invoices for my previous orders without having to check my e-mails?
Should I call TOT's Customer Care for installation once my product is delivered?
Will my product be installed by the brand or TOT? If it is installed by TOT, will it affect the warranty of the product?
How will my order be delivered?
Where can I find the seller's returns policy?
Why is the 'Cash on Delivery' payment mode not available at my location?
How can I place an order?
I have a complaint about the courier executive who came to deliver my order.
Can I get my order delivered faster?
How is a 'business day' different from a regular day?
What is the estimated delivery time?
How can I trust that the groceries that will be delivered are quality checked and fresh?
My package shows as delivered but I can't find it, what should I do?
Why was my package not delivered?
What do the different order statuses in 'My Orders' mean?
What is GSTIN Invoicing feature?
Who are all eligible for this GSTIN feature?
Can items be returned after the time period mentioned in the seller's Returns Policy?
Do I have to return the freebie when I return a product?

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