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Lick Nail

Lick Nail is a company that specializes in high-end press-on nails. Choose from our ready-to-assemble sets. Whatever your personal style, we have a set for you. We at Lick Nail realize how much women enjoy having manicured and polished nails for special occasions, events, and festivities. However, we are aware that certain jobs and everyday activities do not let us have long and attractive fingernails. It's aggravating to want a great set of nails for a night out but have to go to work the next day! Whether you're a full-time mother, a working professional, an athlete, or simply enjoy changing your manicure styles on a daily basis without damaging your nail beds, We can provide you with salon-quality, press-on nails that last up to two weeks without needing to be reapplied. Each package includes salon-quality nails that you can apply and remove easily. Our sets are versatile so you can dress it down for a casual brunch or dress it up for a formal event. Lick Nail elevates the salon experience by providing ladies with personalized attention and luxury service at an approachable price. We deliver high-quality press-on nails to our custom customer’s thanks to our knowledge and artistic flair. We acquire their trust by ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Lick Nail provides you with the nail care you desire while keeping your natural nails healthy and immaculate. Customers

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