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Women's Topwear Tips To Be Occasion-ready

A soft tee or a long tunic? A spaghetti-strapped bralette or the cropped pieces? The choices for latest tops for women are ceaseless. However, we at This Or That believe that looking fashionable is not always about wearing the coolest trends. It is more about what you do with the outfits you own. 

It is also essential that the topwear works as an extension of your unique personality and whatever party or occasion you land into, you are the one to steal the show. It can be as easy as adding more layers to your look, loosely tucking in your shirt or just throwing on a pair of sunglasses.

To help you ease through styling distress, here are some topwear tips to always be occasion-ready. 

Cool and Trendy Women Topwear Tips 


  • Drop your crop


Crop tops have recently become a major fashion choice. From pants to skirts and even ethnic attires, crop tops help to slay any look effortlessly. 

Casual- The classic monochrome look never fails with crop tops. Wear coordinated coloured pants and top it off with sunnies to tie your look together.

Formal- Pair it with pep trousers, throw in a blazer and complete your look with heels to rock the boardroom look. 

Festive- Wear your crop top with printed palazzos or a beautiful long skirt. You can even flaunt a saree doubling the crop top as a blouse. The variations to meet festive demands are plenty!  

  • Tune in your tunic


We at This Or That are of the view that tunic tops are every woman's go-to garment. They will make you look absolutely flattering, no matter how you wear them. 

Casual- Wear your favourite tunic with a pair of comfortable leggings and complete the look with sneakers. 

Formal- Throw a cardigan or a blazer over a tunic dress to enhance the formal look and turn heads at your office.

Festive- Tunics go great with long flowy skirts for festive occasions. Pop the look with a waist belt and uber-cool earrings.   

  • Follow it to the tee


The most basic and favourite garment piece of all time, t-shirts are as versatile as they can get. Throw them right over your head and wait for the red carpet to roll.

Casual- Pair a basic tee with bell-bottom pants, a skirt or even shorts. Add a cap and a waist pouch and ace the casual look in a tee. 

Formal- Graphic tees go great with sleek pants, overcoat and patterned oxfords. Ready to show the world what a boss you are?

Festive- What seems unachievable is styling t-shirts for a festive look. However, when paired with a printed long skirt, t-shirts can mask themselves as a statement festive attire.

We have dug in deep on celebrity and street-style-star inspirations to help you with these tips. You can now make a statement on every occasion. And if your closet is sneakily calling out for more, you can shop for stylish tops for women online here. Because can you own too many good clothes?

Having said that, do not forget the most important tip- wear what makes you comfortable. Because at the end of the day, style is a matter of personal choice!