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Why You Must Own a Face Serum in Your 20s

Taking care of yourself starts with a healthy mind and body. Due to excessive stress in today’s world, we’re all facing early signs of ageing too, mainly due to our fast-paced life, global warming, pollution and so many more uncontrollable factors! The environment around us has changed and so have skincare practices from a few decades ago. In the past, people started intensive skincare in their 40s because that's when they observed major changes in the firmness of their skin. Off late, as suggested worldwide, it is ideal to start looking after your skin right from your 20s! Today, we’re stressing as to why you must own a face serum even in your 20s. Of course, keeping all the above factors in mind, today’s generation also involves high and prolonged exposure to makeup that does not give time for skin pores to breathe and recover. The endless hours of makeup tutorials we watch, the 10-step skin regime videos and all the access we have to a wide range of products around the world have made us aware of so many new possibilities! 


What is a serum?


Before we dive deeper, let’s understand what a face serum is. A light, quick-absorbing liquid that comes in a water or oil base. Usually found in a dropper bottle, a few drops of the best face serum gives the collagen in your skin a boost, helping to keep it firm and plumping out fine lines and wrinkles. Try the Tattvalogy Cold Pressed Hazelnut Carrier if you’re buying your first serum! We also recommend the Disguise Cosmetics Rainbow Glow Oil which is absolutely versatile and light on your pocket! 


How is it different from face cream?

Creams are heavier and not in liquid form. You can’t really substitute a serum with a moisturiser or lotion! If you have ever come across a skin routine, you would notice how there is a different step for moisturising, and a different step for a serum! However, some new serums in the market do play the role of multiple products combined, like the Tabiea Baobab & Neroli Oil which deeply penetrates the epidermis and reduces trans epidermal water loss.


Why has serum gained popularity?


The serums took over the market by storm, mainly because they’re a targeted solution for skin problems. Unlike a regular face cream, you’ll find serums for specific types of skin and concerns. There’s a face serum for dry skin - try the Paul Penders Dry Skin Relief, one with Retinol - check out The Matra Retinol 2.5% and even a Vitamin E infused serum - get your hands on The Tattvalogy Pure Vitamin-E Oil with unmatched cleansing properties.


How do you choose the right serum?


This Or That? Confused about which serum to purchase? It’s best to always analyse your skin type and concern before you buy! With several options available, start by looking for a face serum for oily skin or a face serum for dry skin. Next, if you want to target the dullness, then buy the best serum for glowing skin!


In our 20s most of us start using makeup, face problems like adolescent acne due to hormonal changes and are also busy living active lifestyles. This calls for keeping your skin looking healthy and feeling good, by avoiding early signs of ageing and combating dull and dehydrated skin. If you’ve already started using makeup, you know it’s best to hydrate and prep your skin before you start - we recommend using the Natural Vibes

24k Gold Vibrating Face Roller & Sculptor to get your skin ready for the application of makeup. If you’re staying up late on your phone, your skin is definitely feeling stressed and fatigued, then we recommend trying the Detoxie Fatigue & Stress Repair, Vitamin C Face Serum. After spending long hours outside, when you come home, don’t forget to add the Tabiea Neroli Organic Essential Oil to your nighttime routine or try the Matra Advanced Night Recovery Serum! Facing an acne crisis? The Tattvalogy Natural Witch Hazel is great to banish them in no time! If you’re in your early 20s, one of the best face serums you can use is a basic Vitamin C serum like the Matra Vitamin C Ultra Glow Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E, but as we age into our mid and late 20s, it’s time to start targeting the problems that occur with ageing. It’s advisable to start a routine that involves steps to take care of your largest organ - skin - bet you didn't know that, right? Try the Paul Penders Intensive Cleansing Therapy or the KOJO Skin Rejuvenating Serum.


One thing to keep in mind before you buy, and as we suggested above, don’t forget to read about what skin type the serum caters to. You don’t want to buy a face serum for oily skin when you have a dry skin type and vice versa. A lot of us buy products that aren't compatible with our skin and start observing their negative effects. Don’t be afraid to try products formulated especially for your skin type and see the magic happen. Another fact is that we give up using even the best face serum without giving enough time to judge its efficacy. An important point to remember here is that we have to be consistent to see results. 

Another thing to remember is that as humans age, our skin type also changes. So if in your early 20s, you’re using a serum for oily skin, maybe in your late 20s you might have to switch to using the best serum for glowing skin to combat the dullness occurring with age! 


With a little look into the world of serums and why you should adopt skincare starting in your 20s, we hope you take the best care of yourself and give your skin the love it deserves with a lot of natural food and ingredients along with the magic of a few drops of face serum every day!