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Wardrobe Hacks for Women That Will Save Time & Declutter Your Life

Stressed with all the clutter in your wardrobe? Can’t find what you’re looking for on time? Psst...we’re letting you in on a secret, stay with us as we show you wardrobe hacks that will save you ample time and declutter your life. Yup, you heard that right, we’ve been applying these little tips and tricks in our day-to-day lives and our lives are way more organised - especially when it comes to finding the right accessories before an important meeting or that evening blazer for a midday brunch.


Hack 1 - Let’s start out by putting away the smallest things: your accessories and shoes!


An outfit is never complete without the best pair of footwear and accessories, so you need to organise your shoes and jewellery in a way that you can decide if you want to wear This Or That, and access them easily while putting together your look! 

And the best way to do so is to get hold of locally available transparent boxes. These see-through boxes have made our lives so much simpler, now we can locate our favourite Oxidised German Silver Jhumkas With White Droppings to pair with our desi look, or instantly find our essential Misfit Panda SIA Sliders for the movies! 


Hack 2 - Make your own rainbow! 


Did you know? Organising your clothes in a colour gradient solves half of the problems that begin with “Should I wear This Or That?”. Organising the things that you buy from all the top shopping sites in India like ours in a rather colourful manner can save half your time of getting ready. Lay all the whites together, put your essentials like the Not So Pink White Lace Sleeve Dress followed by the Meraki Pleat Front Linen Top and so on; this brings all your basics as well as the colours together!


Hack 3 - The right place!


The best women's shirts deserve an apt place and so do the best women's dresses! Place your favourites or go-to items at eye level. Store all your everyday clothes in your wardrobe in a compartment that is easily accessible. This way, you never have to waste time looking for your favourite Meraki Linen Straight Fit Trousers or the Fitoor Playful Georgette Top that you live in and wear every other day!


Hack 4 - Occasions!


Online shopping sites in India have spoiled us for choice, we’re forever wondering if we should buy this or that! Don’t let that happen in your wardrobe! Organise all your stuff according to occasions! Keep your Panaya Banarasi Blended Embroidery Art Saree and other traditional wear on one shelve, while placing your causal Kica Honey Top with your other western wear in another compartment, this saves so much time while you get ready, be it for a casual day out or for dinner with the fam!


Hack 5 - The Labels!


Do you need a hack to find that favourite shirt in your wardrobe as fast as you can search for women's shirts online? Don't stress because it can be just as easy. We can definitely improvise with our label hack! Place small stickers and label them with as easy words like ‘Pants,’ ‘Formal Shirts,’ or if you’re sharing your wardrobe with your spouse or sibling, go detailed on the labels with words like ‘women shirts,’ ‘women dresses,’ and so on! Now you can immediately read and remember the compartment in which you placed your favourite top.


Hack 6 - DIY


Bring out your inner creativity with these fun DIYs! Ever considered reusing old curtain rings? Now hang your favourite Mesmora Vintage Red Black Digital Printed Triangle Scarf and more compact accessories on curtain rings placed in an open hanger! This is the best way to have all your stoles and dupattas in one place too! Another quick and easy DIY is stacking hangers. Try hanging them below each other to create space vertically; that means all the more space to buy your favourites from online shopping sites in India like This Or That.


Hack 7 - Let’s Pair!


Fashion online looks easy, but seems difficult in your wardrobe? This hack has saved us so much time organising and picking up the perfect look for an occasion! Just pair your clothing items and accessories beforehand and place them together in your wardrobe. Like, keep your Ecentric Women Black Sleeveless Bodycon Solid Hemp Sheath Dress with the Not So Pink Front Picket Shacket, this way you have already planned your next party look so you have more time to enjoy getting ready and less time to stress about dressing dilemma.


Hack 8 - Use Baskets and Hooks!