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Vacation on your mind? Pack your essentials with This Or That

Life has come back to normal...well almost...and we’re all craving a good holiday! And just like us, if you’re planning a vacation soon too, This Or That is here to help you pack all your essentials!

We know it may have been long since you booked that flight, packed your bags and just escaped! If you have any travel plans anytime soon, let us tell you what you need to pack to have a fun and stress-free vacation!

First things first, pack your essential clothing items! For the ladies, put in your favourite dress that is versatile so you can wear it in multiple ways across your holiday, like the Not So Pink Black Solid Flare Sleeve Dress. 

Next, for men and women, pack your bottoms! Add a pant that you can switch instantly from a day look to a nighttime ensemble like the Meraki Tapered Fit Casual Pants for women and the Alpha Dark Blue Chinos for men, and of course, don’t forget your favourite pair of denims too!

Now, let’s look at the tops! If you’re been wanting to get your hands on some new clothes for your vacation, This Or That has the widest range of hand-picked start-up brands that offer some amazing products in line with trending fashion. Women, don’t forget to pack some shirts that you can wear on numerous occasions throughout your holiday! Choose the ones that match various pant and skirt colours from your existing collection. We recommend the Not So Pink Olive Solid Rayon Shirt that matches well with every style and at all times of the day. Men can shop for some basic shirts like the Alpha Tranquil, to break away from their usual formal wear! 

Go for looks that are easy to wear, unique and fun! Once you’ve packed in your clothing, girls, don’t forget your makeup! You don’t want to go with heavy makeup looks on your vacations, so pack in some light products like a mellow blush, drop in 2 or 3 lipsticks like BlushBee Organic Beauty Spring Organic Vegan Lipstick and Echt Beauti Velvet Matte Lipstick - Original Cashmere. Don’t forget a good mascara like Routines Defining Vegan Mascara and, of course, an illuminating highlighter like the Disguise Cosmetics Velvet Glow Multistick Champagne Moonshine, because you definitely want that vacay glow in all your pictures! 

Well, we’re close to finishing our packing because we know how badly you want to be on your vacay already because the gush of fresh breeze, enchanting views and some great food await. We all love to try new cuisine, but then we also crave some food and snacks that we’re so accustomed to during our time in the hotel. Because who wants to munch on expensive room snacks, right? And that is why you should remember to pack some comfort food but make sure they’re all low-calorie snacks so you can munch on them guilt-free! Shop from a curated range of food & beverages on This Or That, to make those late-night movie cravings worth it. We recommend keeping a bag of seeds handy for those little hunger pangs like the Himalayan Native Roasted Flax Seeds, and when you want that midnight snack get some Dibha Masala Cranberry to munch on! This way, you’re also watching your weight on your vacation. You can thank us later!

Next, pack in all your accessories like your footwear and bags! For footwear, we definitely recommend carrying something light and comfy. If you want to get your hands on a new pair that you can match with all your vacay outfits, try the Misfit Panda Serendipity Sliders, and men don’t fret, This Or That has something for you too. Try the Dmodot Pelle Marrone Men's Handcrafted Leather sandals, and we bet you’ll fall head over heels for them.

Keep your bags basic and versatile on your holiday. A good men's bag like  The Post Box Pondi Backpack - Pacific Blue should do the job! While women can alter between a carry-all tote like the Meraki Tall Waxed Canvas Tote and a small bag like the Roseate Emilia Satchel bag!

Try not to skip the jewellery while packing. Drop in your favourite vacay-ready necklaces like the Spin Wheel Hand Made Moti Necklace, which is perfect for beach bums and pack in your statement earrings like the Oxidized Lemon Yellow & Purple Colour Amrapali Hanging Jhumka With Blue Color Beads, which are perfect for a countryside holiday!

Lastly, don’t forget your toiletries and skincare! Put in your bath towels like the Haber Living Chevron Soft Bath Towels and shaving essentials for men like the Bare Minimum Shaving Cream. Drop in your Noraa Organic Ultra Soft Intimate Wipes, along with the most important Detoxie Anti-Pollution Sunscreen Lotion, and you're ready to go sightseeing.

Wasn't that easy? Find all your essentials and more from our carefully curated brands! Packing has never been this easy because you can find everything under one roof.