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These Hacks Will Improve Your Mood Swings

Don't you feel another woman possesses your body whenever you come closer to the start of your period? This woman is way more demanding, less energetic and also runs away from social settings. Well, we've all been there, to be honest. But why not give this woman everything she demands so that she's satisfied and lets us go about our daily activities just like every other day.

Sometimes we can feel like a mess and create a fuss for just about anything. Hence, This Or That has curated a list for you to calm the storm inside and take control of your mood swings:-


1) Workout: 



Our first instinct is to curl up in bed and cuddle with our comfortable blanky when in fact, we should be exercising to get the blood flowing in our body and release endorphins. Releasing the happy hormones is a great way to subside the extreme mood swings.


2) Water is your best friend: 



We know you have heard this way too many times, but we can't stress the importance of it enough. Staying hydrated with Alkaline enriched water like Evocus with 70+ natural minerals will take the lethargy away and may also reduce the bloating.


3) Comfort food: 



Don't fight the urge to eat chocolate. Especially if it's high in cocoa, dark chocolate and a low-calorie snack. That makes Munchilicious Dark Chocolate Granola a top contender to combat the erratic mood due to its mood stabilising properties since dark chocolate helps release serotonin.


4) Naptime is sacred: 



Sleeping can also give you a serotonin boost and reduce crankiness. More so, when you have soft cushion covers by Meraki available on This Or That to cuddle with.


5) De-stress with soothing teas: 



The Chamomile Tea from Tea Culture Of The World will ensure you have undisturbed sleep due to its medicinal properties. 


6) Use gentle & organic pads: 



The Bamboo Sanitary Pads by Sanfe will ensure your menstrual hygiene is taken care of comfortably even on heavy flow days, allowing you to spend your days productively. It will keep your intimate area rash and odour free leaving you happy all day long.


7) Awesome bottoms:



 It's a known fact that wearing uncomfortable clothes adds to the discomfort while menstruating. We've got you covered - the Steel Leggings by KICA will let you flow through your day effortlessly.


8) Magnesium brings equilibrium: 



Snacks like Strawberry & Blackcurrant Roasted Muesli by The Rooted Co should be your go-to for a healthy snack as a morning breakfast if you seek something that's high on energy that will relax your muscles. 


9) Don't hate, meditate: 



This is a great way to manage stress levels. It can help tame the dragon and give birth to the monk in you during PMS. 

The emotional roller coaster will always take you uphill if you follow these tried & tested hacks by This Or That. Get your hands on the unique, innovative & interesting products available on our website to keep anger, irritability & oversensitivity at bay.