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The Hottest Beauty Trends of 2021 You Must Try

 After surviving the turbulent year that 2020 was, 2021 indeed calls for a fresh start. More than just starting over, we must try to look at the bigger picture of what’s lying ahead of us in the coming year. We can’t deny the fact that there has been a huge shift in several trends from the past year to the present. From beauty to hair to skincare - everything has transformed. With the ever-evolving beauty trends, here are a few must-have skin care products to bring to your radar that’ll keep your skin and hair healthy.

Plump & Glossy is the New Bossy!

The smouldering smokey look is a classic here to stay! And, the glossy plum puckers are back from the ’90s to complement the stand-out eye makeup. The prevailing mask regimen has left us with limited scope for showing off the bold matte lip colours. And, we were honestly over the crumbly liquid lip trauma anyway! Bring out the plump rosiness of your lips with nourishing lip butter options.

Pick tinted ones for some added pinkiness or ones infused with peppermint to improve circulation and volume. Always try to look for lip butter with unrefined raw butter and cold-pressed oils that seal in moisture naturally while adding that glassy glow.

Dewy Skin is in

2021 is all about “less is more”. For the base, opt for foundations that let your skin breathe. Foundations with sheer coverage are the way to go. The secret of Korean glassy skin is elaborate skin prep. Use a gentle cleanser like the Earthi Rose & Honey Facial Wash to clean your skin without stripping it off its natural oils. Then comes hydrating serums like the Earthi Vetiver & Licorice Hydrating Face Serum. If you didn’t know already, licorice is great for brightening while the vetiver calms the skin.

Lock in all that delicious skin food with a rich moisturiser. The Ultra Nourishing Creme from Oleum Cottage is one of our top picks. Once you have a well-moisturised canvas, makeup not only glides on smoothly like butter but also looks dewy and natural.

Overly powdered, cakey skin is definitely not in!

Brave the Shave

Once and for all, shaving doesn’t make your facial hair grow thicker. Dermatologists swear by dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin manually while getting rid of the peach fuzz with super-sharp surgical grade equipment - not a procedure to be tried at home.

However, you can try something less severe for smooth skin - shaving! And we have to thank the YouTube community for breaking the shaving myths and starting this raging trend, albeit one to stay.

Pick the perfect face razor from Sanfe. Sharp enough to take off the fuzz and gentle enough to leave your skin without razor burns and cuts. Make sure to follow a ton of tutorials to get it right on the very first go. Use a calming serum like the one from Detoxie post-shave.

Sustainable Inside OUT!

With the blazing rise of awareness campaigns and appalling data on pollution and its impact coming to the surface, sustainability has taken the front seat. Indie brands, even with dwindling profit owing to the pandemic, are going the eco-friendly way when it comes to packaging.

Classic plastic jars and bottles are being replaced with glass tubs, bottles, and pipettes. Steel or aluminium jars are also being used widely in the realm of packaging. Many of these new packaging components can be reused and/or recycled completely.

At-home Peels and Masks

The world has not yet overcome the impact of the crippling global pandemic. After having limited or no access to the salons, spas, or your dermatologist for quite some time, a large number of people are now inclined towards products that give them a spa-like experience at the comfort of their home. A lot of brands have come up with skin and beauty care products that are capable of providing professional-level results at home.  

Brands are exploring exotic ingredients like seaweed and French clay while reinventing the goodness of our good ol’ Ayurvedic staples like sandalwood, turmeric neem, and basil in the innovative formulations of face masks.

Scalp Care is the New Skincare

Your scalp needs as much care and attention as your skin. 2021 is expected to be the year that will promote the idea of skincare for the scalp. In the realm of aromatherapy, the scalp is proven to have a huge wellness potential.

Brands such as Amayra, Body Cafe, The Coconut People, and Oleum Cottage are reviving the fading glory of our traditional oil massages with their pure oils and oil blends. Apart from improving blood circulation to the scalp, calming your nerves, and hydrating your strands; oiling is also believed to have many benefits for your mind and sleep, according to Ayurvedic scripture.

Warming up your oil and massaging your “Marma” points - vital centers of life energy - is believed to give you the best results. Try it yourself to find out.  

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