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Tasty Twists In Dips

Busy schedules can leave little to no time for creativity in the kitchen. That is when you can resort to chips and dips. It is love at first bite and among the best entertainment foods to ever exist. And if you have not gotten on board with making lip-smacking dips yet, then it is time to get stuck in.

 Besides being tasty and quick to consume, they are super versatile. Dips introduces you to a whole new world of flavors. You can serve them with crackers, tortilla chips, toasted bread, thick cut potato chips, pretzels, or even raw veggies. Got a sweet tooth? Go for the dessert dips and serve it with sliced pears and apples.

This or That brings to you some fancy twists to add more flavour to your humdrum dips.

 5 Unique Dip Ideas

   1. Chickpea Dips

 The classic hummus dip can never be too boring. To take it a notch up, pair the chickpeas with roasted vegetable puree and spices including garlic and roasted red pepper and top it with sun-dried tomato. It gives the dip a creamy texture along with a bright, nutty taste that will make it difficult for the mouth to stop watering. Serve it with some fresh sourdough bread, snacks and namkeens.

 2. Mexican Guacamole

 Everyone has their unique spin on the Mexican guacamole and we want to share what’s ours. Start with a paste made with coriander or cilantro, onion and chilli and then go on adding avocado. Throw in a diced tomato and voila, your stomach is all set to throw you into a food coma. Store the dip in the refrigerator and enjoy it for up to five days.

  3. Pesto