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Superfoods For Glowing Skin

If you are reading this then you certainly believe that the quest for a glowing complexion is not a lost cause. Topical creams, superficial fixes and snatching up the latest makeup stack is only temporary. Ending up with a long list of medication and skin treatments for healthy and glowing skin seems inevitable. But did you know that acquiring and maintaining a healthy skin does not come from a bottle?

Almost magical but yet very scientific, we at This or That have listed down some superfoods that will keep you away from a myriad of pesky skin conditions. The right diet can be a valuable aid to fix the skin from within. After all, food is not called BAE for nothing!

 5 Superfoods For A Naturally Healthy Skin

 1. Lemons

 Life giving you lemons can be a great thing if you can include it in your daily diet. It supplies you with Vitamin C and is the best form of an antioxidant. It helps retain the moisture in the skin, making it radiant and youthful. Is there anyone who does not want to cut down on all the added years on their skin?

 How can you enjoy it?

 Make sure to introduce lemons in your diet in the form of a sweet tart or a creamy, citrusy filled pastry. If you are to consume calories, that might as well be healthy. Lemon juice is a great add on to salads as well as any other dietary snacks. You can also squeeze a few of them into a bowl and apply the juice directly on to your face and rinse it.

 2. Papaya

 Contained with a plethora of active enzymes, especially papain, papaya puts in all the hard work to minimize the signs of ageing. Papain is an excellent skin exfoliator and removes dead cells, making the skin glow. It dissolves the pore-clogging fats and is also an anti-inflammatory fruit. It also has several anti-cancer properties and keeps your skin nourished and disease-free.

 How can you enjoy it?

 Blend the fruit into a fine smoothie, add it to your salad, make a curry- the possibilities are endless.

 3. Avocado

 The natural oils in an avocado deeply penetrate the skin to soften, nourish and hydrate it. It acts as a natural sunscreen and replenishes the parched skin. It is a vegan healthy snack and do you know what makes avocado even more interesting? It is so damn yum!

 How can you enjoy it?

 The easiest way to enjoy avocados is by sprinkling a pinch of salt and pepper on it and consuming it directly. You can also peel the insides and make a moisturising face mask by adding 1 teaspoon honey to it.

 4. Bananas

 It is time to go bananas over skincare, literally! Bananas keep the skin supple and throw out toxins from the body. It is a potassium-rich fruit and is packed with carotene and vitamin E. It is a wonder ingredient for an effortlessly flawless skin.

 How can you enjoy it?

A smoothie, a milkshake or slices of banana breads are the most common ways for intake of this fruit in your diet. Having said that, did you know that scrubbing a fresh banana peel is great to treat acne and scars?

 5. Leafy greens