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Some of the Most Loved Brands on This Or That

Our website has been live for over a year now, and we are taking this opportunity to share with you some of the most loved brands and sub-categories present on


It's no secret that some website pages receive more eyeballs than others, and we have decoded the secret for this. Stay tuned to know what it is that makes the homegrown brands on our website so popular and how they will solve problems in your life.


1) The Rooted Co

We Indians live active lifestyles. Our goals, whether personal or professional ensure we are always on the move. As we make it past half the day, lethargy slowly kicks in because we don't have enough stamina and energy to fuel our high-paced lives. To sustain an active lifestyle, The Rooted Co has a range of Roasted Muesli & Granola packed with essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals that can sustain your active lifestyle by fueling you with optimum daily energy intake. But the question about healthy meals being tasty always arises, right? That's where their range of exotic variants win our customers' hearts. You can buy your pack of #ResponsiblyWholesome super snacks #OnlyAtThisOrThat.


2) Naagin Indian Hot Sauce

Don’t we all just love some spice in our lives? In India, we’re accustomed to eating dishes with a dash of zing, and our country is also home to some extremely rich and spicy chillies. Naagin Hot Sauce is a homegrown brand that uses consciously sourced produce to make these finger-smacking sauces! 

Add them to any dish for a punch of great taste or even a marinade, and cook with them! Their variety of options makes sure there’s something for every palate. And the best part is that you can shop their combos like the Naagin Sauce Hot Sauce Combo - Kantha Bomb & Smoky Bhoot (Pack of 2) at really affordable prices! We’re literally hooked to them because our means feel incomplete without Naagin.


3) Bare Minimum

What comes to your mind when you hear the word luxury? Did you think of expensive? A lot of times, we associate luxury with higher prices, but at This Or That, we believe in going easy on the pocket while giving you the best quality by providing affordable luxury. And Bare Minimum, a sustainable brand, literary provides a new way of living with men’s grooming essentials at a premium yet affordable price range. Their shaving essentials combo, like the Bare Minimum Shaving Razor along with the Brush & Shaving Cream, is all you need for an all-natural, soft and precise shave. It's made with plant-based & sustainable ingredients that can never cause skin irritation. Say hello to a new way of shaving and goodbye to razor cuts with Bare Minimum!


4) Sery

We love to wear makeup, but we also love our skin, and using natural products is the way to go! Made without the use of parabens, cosmetics by Sery are also environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. Their enriching formulas ensure makeup is safe and fun, and they surely believe in being colourful too! You’ll know when you see their wide range of bright shades that pop: like the SERY Stay On Liquid Matte Lip Color Hot Damn and Creamy Matte Lipstick Cute Coral Orange. Go bold and wear your favourite shades with Sery’s range of best lipsticks, nail paints and more! It is gaining everyone's attention not only for being unique but also for being natural.

5) Meraki

Looking for the best women’s dresses and women’s shirts can be a task on online shopping sites in India, but we at This Or That carefully hand-pick brands from the best start-ups around the country that make products keeping the consumer in mind and Meraki is one of them.


Keeping comfort in mind, Meraki creates modern yet simple pieces that are eco-friendly & sustainable. Shop for your favourite attire guilt-free, with timeless and creative pieces like the Meraki Linen Comfort Joggers that you can literally live in all-day and the Meraki Utility Crop Pants that can adapt from an office setting to a girl's night out too! All the soulful pieces made with natural fabrics will definitely leave you wanting more!

6) Cladd 

Finding the perfect decor online for your homes and offices is made easy with This Or That. Cladd has made a name for itself with handcrafted goods crafted with vegan leather. Their products are made for day-to-day lives, which makes organising and decorating any space much simpler. For your home, try the Cladd Swank Tray the next time you have guests over, and we bet you’ll be showered with compliments. Or, if you’re working from home and wish to have a mini desk with neatly maintained stationary: the Cladd Organizer with Drawer is perfect! And these products not only make for amazing decor but also thoughtful gifts for your loved ones! 


So, what are you waiting for? Add some unique #MadeInIndia products to your cart and show your support for homegrown brands.