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Revisit Snacking With A Healthier Alternative

Having full meals three times a day is a non-negotiable part of our lives. However, some times during the day we either feel hungry or need a boost of energy to power us throughout the day. For such moments, we have curated a list of best snacks for you. So go ahead and shop from our list of healthy snacks today. 


10+ Best Snacks On This or That To Keep You On Your Toes!   

  • Makino Corn Chips
  • Dibha Pepper Pineapple
  • Dibha Black Pepper Orange
  • Munchilicious Granola - Dark Chocolate
  • Munchilicious Granola - Dried Fruits
  • The Rooted Co - Roasted Muesli - Strawberries & Black Currant
  • The Rooted Co - Roasted Muesli - Super Seeds
  • Organic Cashew Butter (Unsweetened)
  • Granola - Dates & Chia
  • The Rooted Co - Roasted Muesli - Multi Millet
  • The Rooted Co - Roasted Muesli - Apricot & Orange  


Makino Corn Chips


Skip the old potato chips and switch to a healthier alternative - corn chips. Corn chips have lower calorie, lower fat, higher fibre and higher protein. These chips are flavoured in cream and onion; since these are made with zero human touch technology, they are hygienic. Additionally, the chips are devoid of any trans fat, cholesterol and gluten.

Dibha Pepper Pineapple


The perks of having pineapple are many - they are loaded with nutrients, contain disease-fighting antioxidants, aids digestion, boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, etc. To top it off, when it comes in a dried state in a can sprinkled with pepper, thus making it super easy to consume.


Dibha Black Pepper Orange


Orange and pepper individually have a spectrum of benefits when consumed. Orange helps in reducing inflammation, increasing fibre content in the body, supplying calcium, etc. Pepper is high in antioxidants, improves blood sugar control, lowers cholesterol levels, promotes gut health, etc. This can of Dibha Black Pepper Orange is one of the low calorie snacks you must try!


Munchilicious Granola - Dark Chocolate


Did you know that you can munch on some delicious granola at any time of the day? This dark chocolate granola by Munchilicious Granola is a tasty snack filled with good nutrition and free of gluten. Grab a cup of curd or yogurt for a quick, no cook snack. 

Munchilicious Granola - Dried Fruits


For those of you who love dried fruits, you must go for one of these healthy snacks. It is also high in proteins and fibre to keep you full till your next meal. The best thing is, you can munch on this dried fruit granola without milk as well. Simply pour it in a bowl and start munching.


The Rooted Co - Roasted Muesli - Strawberries & Black Currant