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How to Use Oil Diffusers and Their Benefits

Relax, unwind and just be present. After a long day at work, we deserve to ease our minds as we prepare for a good night's sleep and prepare to take on the following day mindfully.


But really, how do you even unwind? In our busy lifestyles, relaxing has definitely been put on the back burner! We must pause once in a while and take time for ourselves. We, at This Or That, have been doing a little something that has helped us a lot in our day-to-day lives! Do you want to know the secret too? It’s all thanks to oil diffusers! Not only do they smell great, but they also make you feel incredible! We’re going to give you a little lowdown on how to use oil diffusers and tell you about their benefits!


From the olden days, it’s a tradition to light incense sticks on various occasions, be it in the morning, at a holy place or in the evenings at sunset! Aromatherapy diffusers date back to over 3500 BC when aromatics were used for religious purposes and burning the oil was the best method of diffusing. We’re carrying this little tradition with us using various kinds of oil diffusers created today. Online shopping sites offer a wide range of these in different types, like the reed diffuser, aroma diffuser, essential oil diffuser, aromatherapy diffuser and a lot more! 


Ever heard of aromatherapy? Just as the name suggests, it promotes physical and psychological well-being with the use of aromas, and that is what we’re going to talk about today! Studies show that various fragrances in the form of essential oils improve the quality of life, our sleep cycle, and some health conditions. Sometimes they may also provide relief from anxiety and depression, and the list of benefits just goes on!


If you’re looking at experiencing aromatherapy at its best, then try using the various oils that are available on online shopping sites like This Or That for the benefits they provide paired with an aroma diffuser that best suits you!


Since Lavender Oil may promote calm and relaxed vibes, use it before you hit the bed. Try the Iris Celeste Reed Diffuser with Lavender oil to notice visible changes in your sleep health.


Cinnamon Oil is known to stimulate the immune system and has a lot of other health benefits. Try the Iris Celeste Reed Diffuser Apple Cinnamon today!


Did you know? Citrus Oil is the best to combat odours and is also known for its energising properties! Try the Iris Celeste Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Citrus Blast to keep your home smelling like bliss.


What is a Reed Diffuser? 


An air freshener in oil form comes in a bottle and has long sticks placed in it. These sticks, called reeds, absorb the scented liquid that they’re placed in and deliver the fragrance around! You can refill the sticks, and change the oil every now and then too!


Try the Iris Celeste Reed Diffuser Apple Cinnamon during the day for an energised environment or Lavender at night to create a relaxing vibe!


An aroma diffuser also comes in the form of a fragrance vaporiser. This little ceramic set can literally create magic! It comes with a pot, a candle and fragrant oil. Once you place and light the candle below, it vaporises the oil poured above and gives the entire room a fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere! Light the Iris Celeste Fragrance Vapouriser Set Coral Blue and play your favourite calming music while you wear your sheet mask, and you’ve created a spa of your own! 


Place different types of aroma diffusers in multiple spots around your home. For a great and energetic working environment, try placing a Reed Diffuser like Iris Celeste Lemon Grass in your office or workspace! While in your living room, you can light the essential oil diffuser like the Iris Celeste Fragrance Vapouriser Set - French Lavender if you’re having a get-together in the evening! You can also use an aromatherapy diffuser in the shower for an invigorating feel. Throw in a bath bomb and light the Iris Celeste Fragrance Vapouriser Set - Tangerine and you won't notice how time flies.


This way, try using different kinds of diffusers and oils at various times of the day, so you keep deriving the benefits of aroma diffusers that put your mind at ease throughout!


Take a look at our most recommended oils and diffusers and create your very own atmosphere anywhere you want! And whatever your reason to use a diffuser may be, we have essential oils that help the occasion. Choose from a variety of aromatic oils on This Or That and give every surrounding a touch of mindfulness.