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How To Eat Healthy At Work

We’ve come a long way from working on ground to working in air-conditioned cubicles and now even in the comfort of our homes. Most of us are swamped with the burden of piling files and emails that we barely get to eat one meal a day, whilst others are bingeing on whatever they seem is edible. Be it a fast-approaching deadline or being trapped in a vicious work-eat-repeat cycle, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet at work.

 It’s important to stay fueled and energized regardless of being in an office or at your work desk at home. Eating right helps you stay focused and be productive. And to make sure that eating the right food isn’t another dreaded task on your to-do list, we at This or That have listed down everything to make sure you don’t land up in the pantry in the middle of a conference call.

 5 Ways To Eat Healthy At Work

 1. Thou shall never skip breakfast 


Take this as a cardinal rule. The body, if not fed in the morning resorts to breaking down muscle for replenishing its energy reserves. Skipping breakfast would hence mean a tired brain that is only concentrating on saving energy and getting more and more food. The body then signals you to give it more food, and you feel hungry throughout the day. Treat yourself to yummy breakfast staples like granola, cereal and muesli every morning before work.

 2. Thou shall keep the coffeecup away


Workload gives you enough anxiety as is and too much caffeine makes it worse. While it may come as a solution for a quick energy recharge, on the contrary, it increases the likelihood of panic reactions. Stick to one or two cups of coffee a day at maximum or it can lead to jitteriness.

3. Thou shall only eat when it is time to eat


Multitasking is injurious to health, if you believe in science. Take a mini screen detox and put away all your gadgets and files when it is time for food. It is also a way of telling your brain that it is receiving the food it requires to function and your stomach that it can satisfy itself. This exercise takes you a long way from unnecessary snacking.

 4. Thou shall break down meals


There’s no perfect module that you must follow when it comes to eating meals. All you need to do is smart planning. If you have a busy day and cross the 2 pm mark for lunch, carry fruits or healthy snack foods to eat in the gaps between meals. Carry small meals and have them at intervals as it aids digestion and re-energies you every time you consume food.

 5. Thou shall drink plenty of water