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Get Ready For Office with Makeup & Skincare from This or That

We spend most of our time at work, that means your office makeup is important. Whether your style of the day is minimal or a full glam, it must make you look good. One of the key hacks to have a flawless look is doing your skincare routine just before doing your makeup. It acts as the best base for an immaculate makeup. That’s why we have jotted down pointers for you to nail it. 

Get Ready For Office with Makeup & Skincare from This or That  

Step 1: Face Wash
Step 2: Toner 
Step 3: Moisturisers
Step 4: Serum
Step 5: Sunscreen
Step 6: Makeup 

Face Wash  

If you're a busy person, there's nothing like waking up to the feeling of freshly washed skin. Whether you're running late and need to leave the house in minutes, or just want to feel extra clean before bedtime, a good face wash always comes handy. It takes a few seconds to apply and will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. If you go ahead with your skincare or makeup routine without a clean skin, not only will your makeup look bad but also set you on the path for unhealthy skin.

We house a wide range of face washes varying in texture and pricing to suit your preferences. You may also select the face washes based on their UPSs i.e. sustainable, social cause - environment, vegan, organic, sustainable, plant-based, 100% natural ingredients, etc. 


The toner helps to set your skin's pH balance and remove any residue that may have been left. We have often seen people skin toner because they think it doesn’t add any value to their skin. Infact, it has a very significant role to play i.e. preparing the skin to absorb the following products that you intend to lather on it. A good rule of thumb is to use an alcohol-free toner because alcohol can be damaging to the skin. A good rule of thumb is to use an alcohol-free toner because alcohol can be damaging to the skin. 

Apply a few drops of toner to a cotton pad, gently swipe it over your face, and let dry before moving on to moisturising. Alternatively, you can also pick up spray toners from This or That as it's more convenient. However, if you are out of toner, just use some rose water (gulaal jal) for the same. 



Skin care is important to keep your skin looking its best. Moisturisers are a key component in any routine because they can lock in moisture and help prevent dryness. They also allow your other products, like makeup, to glide on smoothly. A supple skin is always a blessing in disguise. 

Most importantly, moisturisers are important for all skin types. For instance, if you have oily skin, go for a gel based moisturiser. Since most of us work in air conditioned offices, it’s important to use a moisturiser otherwise the skin cracks, ruins your makeup and makes the skin look dull and undernourished.



Serums are another crucial part of our skincare. It adds another layer of moisturisation and tackles your skin concerns. They are - dryness, dark spots, pigmentation, dullness, anti-ageing, brightening, fine lines & wrinkles, blemishes, pores, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. 

We can’t say that a certain serum is the best face serum as everyone has different skin concerns and one should buy a serum strictly based on their concern. Make sure you read up all about the serum before applying on your skin.



It goes without saying that a good sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of your morning skincare routine. For your face, it’s suggested that you apply 50SPF sunscreen to safeguard it from the scorching sun. You can also select a sunscreen based on your skin type i.e. moisturising sunscreen for dry skin and matte sunscreen for oily skin. Some sunscreens are also tinted and doubles as a foundation as well as sunscreen. 



One of the most important parts of getting ready for work is priming and prepping your skin to look its best. Some of the makeup items listed on This or That are primer, foundation, BB cream, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, etc . Our makeup is of top-notch quality as they include the best lipsticks, perfect foundations, cruelty free eyeliner and more! 

We have a range of shades listed for you to choose from - reds, browns, blacks and a lot more! 

A makeup routine goes hand-in-hand with a skincare routine. A skincare makes your skin ready for acting as the ideal backdrop for the makeup. A regular skincare routine followed by minimal makeup can also make your skin look stunning. So make sure you wake up only 10minutes early to squeeze the skin care routine into your schedule. 

Now you’re all set for work. Have an awesome day!