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Bathroom Essentials That Goes With Your Wash Decor

Bathing essentials include everything you need while taking a bath - cleaners, conditions, moisturisers, towers, accessories, etc. You can arrange all of these in baskets to add to your bathroom decor and keep everything aesthetically please and organised.

This or That contains everything you need and this blog is all about that.


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Bathroom Essentials #1: Face care

Bathroom Essentials #2: Hair care

Bathroom Essentials #3: Body care

Bathroom Essentials #4: Foot care

Bathroom Essentials #5: Towels 


Bathroom Essentials #1: Face Care  

The first thing we clean is our face. That’s the most exposed part of our body and requires extra TLC. Once you have removed your makeup, it’s time to move onto a face wash. Face wash is followed by a toner, moisturiser, eye cream and lip balm.  Make sure the products you choose are in sync with your skin type.

Use a face towel to wipe your face gently once you’re done washing your face. Rubbing your face abruptly might make it burn. The do’s and don’ts of your face towel is mentioned below.


Bathroom Essentials #2: Hair Care  

We have different types of hair and we must buy the haircare products accordingly. Additionally, we also have to take into consideration your hair concern and scalp type before selecting a product. 

On days you wish to wash your hair, you may start with a hot oil massage followed by combing through the knots in the hair. Use a shampoo suitable for your hair type and take care of your hair concerns like dry hair, damaged hair, hair fall, etc. Post hair wash, go ahead with a conditioner or leave-in conditioner to add some moisture to your dry strands. We also have hair serums and hair masks.


Bathroom Essentials #3: Body Care 

Body care includes body wash, body scrub and moisturisation. It is advised to use body wash instead of soaps to ensure that the latter doesn’t strip the body of its natural oils. A body wash with a loofah will remove the dirt gently. For a deeper cleansing, you can use a body scrub once a week to wash away any dead skin and cells deposited on the skin. 

Once you are done with body cleansing, move onto body moisturising with oil or moisturisers. Make sure you don’t skip this part and also choose a moisturiser that complements your body type i.e. intense moisturising for dry skin and light moisturisers for oily skin.

Bathroom Essentials #4: Foot Care  

Our precious feet help us go from one place to the other. So make sure you take care of them as much as you do the rest of your body. Scrub the bottom and top of your feet to remove any dead skin cells and apply a good moisturiser to keep it hydrated. 

Alternatively, you may also soak your feet in hot water for a while before going to bed. Follow it up with a foot cream or moisturiser and lock the moisture with a pair of socks. It’s advisable to wash your feet before bed for a sound sleep.


Bathroom Essentials #5: Towels 

Shop bath towels online at This or That. We have a range of very soft bath towels listed on our website. The most common query we get regarding this bathing essential is - how often should I change my bath towel? 

We have seen many people using their towels for years together. With time, the cloth gets worn out and should be swapped out if it stops absorbing water. Moreover, make sure you wash your bath towel once a week and your face and hand towels every other day. However, if you have a habit of keeping your towels in the washroom it's advisable to wash them daily.


Bathroom Essentials #6: Diffusers 

 Diffusers or aroma diffusers add a subtle aroma to our surroundings and put us in a good mood. Likewise, when you have a nice soothing aroma diffuser in the washroom, it calms you down immediately as you step in. Also, if you have guests over frequently, they won’t stop talking about it.

While selecting a diffuser, people often overlook having a proper ventilation system in your washroom. Otherwise, the aroma from the diffuser has an adverse effect. Moreover, you can also use scented trash bags to mask the odour coming from your trash.  

Whether you’re setting up a new bathroom or simply looking for a makeover, This or That is the place to shop from. We understand the importance of a soothing bath after a long tiring day at work just before retiring to bed. 

The products you find on This or That are available in a range of pricing i.e. from budget to premium. There are also a range of bathroom essentials listed for you to choose from.

That’s why we are a one shot shop for bathroom essentials. 

 Happy Shopping!