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8 Healthy Snacks To Help You Conquer The Day

If you’re looking to eat healthier throughout the day, snacks can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When you fill up on unhealthy snacks, you set yourself up to overeat later in the day or overeat at mealtime and gain weight as a result of consuming too many calories. However, with these healthy snacks, you can feel confident knowing that you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to function throughout the day and avoid overeating at mealtime to keep your calorie consumption down and your weight loss on track.

This or That presents a list of 8 healthy snacks to fuel you through the day! 


1) Mixed nuts/seeds

The health benefits of nuts and seeds are due to their significant content of mono- and polyunsaturated fats, a type of fat that appears to promote health, according to some studies. Compared with other sources of dietary fat, they provide relatively high amounts of essential fatty acids. This makes them an excellent source of important nutrients, such as fibre, protein, and several vitamins. Nuts are also a rich source of minerals. According to many nutritionists and experts on human behaviour, people may be particularly likely to choose nutritionally sound foods if they’re confident those foods will help curb hunger or prevent boredom later in the day. So grab a handful of mixed nuts or seeds and you’re good to go for the 4PM hunger pang.


2) Greek yogourt with berries

Everyone knows it's important to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, but what about a quick pick me up at 11am? Yogurt doesn’t have any taste, thus can be made flavoursome with berries. These berries also sweeten the recipe with natural sweeteners which are a great option. You can also add granola or muesli and make this a full meal and be full for hours to come. This one is one of our favourite low calorie snacks that we keep going back to every now and then. 


3) Apple slices with peanut butter

Apple slices with peanut butter is one of the best snacks and we thank the person who made this pair every time we have it. This is a great snack because there are tons of nutrients and protein that keep you full for hours! Infact, keeping the sweet factor in consideration, this will also make a lip-smacking dessert. 


4) Dark Chocolate

What’s not to love about dark chocolate? If you aren't watching your waistline, it's one of those foods that has everything you could want—including a hearty dose of health-promoting antioxidants. It also contains brain-boosting compounds that can help make memory and mental functions better. Just be sure to choose dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content and eat it in moderation. 


5) Cucumber & Hummus

Hummus is a protein-packed nutritious snack that is made out of chickpeas. The chickpeas are high in protein, which is an important thing to take on board when you’re trying not to succumb to food cravings later in the day. And cucumbers are one of nature’s most hydrating foods—so they're perfect if you're prone to afternoon dips in energy levels.


6) Chia pudding

Chia is so versatile and one of our favourite plant based protein sources. It's easy to make chia pudding. Just mix up a serving size of milk with some chia seeds and let it sit in the fridge for five minutes. Chia seed gel is easier for most people than other varieties because there's not much flavour or texture, which is perfect for those who want an easy but nutritious snack. Top it up with fruits, berries, granola, muesli, etc.

The best thing about this chia pudding recipe? It makes the perfect breakfast on-the-go or a post workout snack. 


7) Smoothie

One of our favourite ways to power up with a healthy snack is a blended smoothie. There are so many combinations out there, it's hard not to find one that tastes good and is filling! Simply add almond or coconut milk, plant-based protein, berries (or your favourite fruit), banana and spinach. For some added fibre or brain boost, add hemp seeds too. In about 5 minutes you will have an awesome snack that will keep you going throughout the day.


8) Roasted chickpea

Roasting chickpeas is a quick and easy way to turn bland beans into an energising snack. Simply pour overnight soaked or a can of chickpeas onto a sheet pan, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast in the oven until crispy. Don't be afraid to add your favourite spices while they're cooking. This versatile snack pairs well with other snacks on this list or as a topping for salads and wraps. And don't forget—you can make it even healthier by roasting it in the oven without oil! 

Snacks are important and you should use it to enrich your body with some good nutrients while keeping hunger at bay. Most of these ingredients (like granola, muesli, yogurt, apple, peanut butter, etc.) are readily available at our homes and you can whip up a snack in minutes. Likewise, when you’re preparing your office lunch, don’t forget to add a scrumptious snack too.  

Disclaimer: This or That is not a dietician or physician and we would urge you to follow up with a registered dietician or physician before going ahead with the options mentioned above.