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10 Winter Skin Care Tips For All Skin Types

As we enjoy the chills of the glorious winter season and fill our pantry with soups and hot chocolates, let’s start focusing on our skin with the same enthusiasm. 

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In this blog post, we will share some basic tips that you can follow to take care of your skin in the chilly winter season.  

10 Winter Skin Care Tips 

Drink water regularly

Have you noticed how we pee more when we’re in ac rooms, especially in the office? The reason is, there is no water loss due to sweat, hence the water is excreted in the form of frequent urination. Additionally, in order to conserve body heat, blood flow toward the surface of the skin is reduced, thus increasing one’s blood pressure. To negate that pressure, kidneys push out excess water through the bladder, thus making you pee often.

Either way, your body keeps losing water.

Thus, you must ensure around 3 liters of water consumption on a daily basis to keep your body well hydrated.


Don’t forget your SPF

We require sunlight all year round. As much as we love basking in the winter sun, it’s important you lather up sunscreen before doing so. For your face, go for a sunblock with 50SPF and for your body, you must use at least 30SPF.


Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

It goes without saying that moisturisation is the key to soft supple skin all year round. We have a bunch of moisturisers from the best startups in India. Stock up on moisturisers even if you have oily skin. Otherwise, your skin might dry up and break, thus leading to burns or rashes. 

You may also top it off with some of our best body lotions or the best face serum as it is required as moisturiser for dry skin.


Keep your skin clean

If we go by the simple concepts of physics, cold air is denser than warm air. Thus, the pollution and dirt particles tend to linger around for a longer time. This makes our skin equally (if not more) dirty as compared to summer. 

Wash your face with a suitable facewash to get rid of all the gunk from your skin and pores to make it breathe with ease. 


Don’t overclean your skin

That being said, don’t obsessively wash your face. It’s important to clean your skin, but anything in excess is harmful. Let your skin oil (natural moisturiser) nourish your skin before stripping them away with a facewash. Washing your face twice a day is more than sufficient to get the job done. 


Invest in a humidifier

The air also becomes quite dry and our skin becomes itchy due to the same. A simple, economical way of avoiding that is by investing in a humidifier. This keeps the air moist and prevents your skin from drying out. You may also use essential oil diffusers and enjoy an aromatic retreat.


Modify your routines

The only constant is CHANGE. As the weather changes, we start using warm clothes and bedding - so why not season-suitable skincare as well? Visit your dermatologist and ask them to recommend skin care products that are suitable for the winter season and also complement your geographical location. Don’t forget, geography plays a key role in the condition of your skin as well. 


Don’t wipe, pat dry

This pointer is as important as the other winter skin care tips and must be done all year round. If you’re in a hurry and have to do your skincare immediately after a face wash, pat dry your skin with bath towels or tissues. Wiping the face causes damage to the skin that can culminate in very harsh unwanted skin conditions.  


Eat seasonal fruits & veggies

Skin care is not just on the outside but also on the inside. Mother Nature blesses us with a buffet of fruits and vegetables in the winter season. Make sure you have seasonal fruits like apples, strawberries, kiwis, grapes, etc. every day without fail. In terms of veggies, you get spinach, cauliflower, beetroot and many more to experiment with.


Above all, get into a routine