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Why Influencers Love This Or That

Been spending all your time scrolling the Gram looking at your favourite influencers? Admire their style and can’t stop ogling at them? Yup, we feel you - we’re literally trying to live like our favourite influencers too, by observing their lifestyle and learning their skincare routine & fashion rules, and we’re not guilty at all! 


Do you want to know why influencers love This Or That? Read on...!


#VocalForLocal is one thing that some influencers are very particular about promoting - always ever-ready to help homegrown brands that are #MadeInIndia. They see the potential that some of these start-ups hold and realise the high aspirations they have can be a great driving force for any country's economy.

And, This Or That is the only Indian website that's home to interesting & unique products from the best startups in India. Each brand has a story to tell! From personal care to finding food online, it’s one of the best online shopping sites in India! Support local, check out the Meraki Hand Block Printed Table Runner and the reCharkha EcoSocial Upcycled Handwoven Wrist-It made by artisans with love! Influencers can't get enough of products that solve their food, fashion, beauty & decor dilemmas.


At This Or That, you literally get what you see! And that's why influencers adore us! Every product listed on the website is carefully curated and hand-picked after a thorough 5-step quality check! If you’re ordering food online or looking for home decor online, This Or That provides you with the best of everything before you see it anywhere else! There’s no doubt about the authenticity or quality when you’re buying goods from This Or That because they are tested in-house too. 


Trending influencers seek out-of-the-box products to complement their unique personalities, and that's what keeps them falling more in love with us. This Or That is all about providing you with a one-of-a-kind retail therapy. 


Have you been noticing your favourite influencers using products that you’ve not seen anywhere else? That’s because they’re shopping on one of the best online shopping sites in India - This Or that! And one of the reasons for that is because we curb your appetite for innovation. You can spend a whole day finding a pair of footwear more functional and trendy than the Misfit Panda Inside Out Sliders, and yet won't come anywhere close.


Another reason for being the influencer's favourite one-stop shop is because we house some really quirky Instagrammable products - like the Evocus Black Alkaline Drink, that you may have spotted some celebrities drinking! Never seen before products are what set us apart from the crowd!


We’re all about shopping conscious and guilt-free! Not just that, we have the perfect gift for every occasion and age group too. Check out the Spin Wheel Women Kaftan Dress for your next vacation, or light up your homes with Atah Neyadeep Porcelain Diyas! 


Veganism is also a growing concept in India, and many bloggers visit us because of our extensive range of vegan-friendly skincare & eatables. At this or that, you can shop from a wide selection of organic options ranging from food to personal care and even beauty online! Ever heard of vegan coffee? Try the PlantMade Instant Vegan Coffee, and we bet you’ll fall head over heels for it. Or give the D-ALIVE Organic Hibiscus Mojito Instant Drink Premix a try! Now you can find the BodyCafe Vanilla Lip Balm and even the MilkinOats Chocolate Oat Milk, all in one place! We’ve put an end to the hunt for vegan products! A plethora of quirky products awaits you at This Or That! 


Not only do influencers love us but also our beloved customers, because, we provide seamless and quick returns on orders. Not just that, our capable customer care managers are always at your disposal to answer order-related queries and provide quick resolutions or help you make the right choice. Go on...give it a try! Minus the stress when you’re shopping with us! Finding your essentials, exploring products from your go-to brands and ordering from This Or That is just a few clicks away.


Now now, we could go on about the reasons why Influencers love This Or That. If you haven't got your hands on our goodies yet, today is the time! So what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!