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Instagram-able Looks For You To Carry Off In Style

Have you ever noticed a particular feed or a photo that receives tons of double clicks on Instagram? The likes keep pouring in and the count of new followers almost seems endless. Turns out, there is a modus operandi to this madness.

 A fashion-forward Instagram feed is always for the win. #ootd drives some of the biggest spikes in searches that influence shoppers around the world. Social media platforms are paving way for new designer collections, fashion trends and inspirations, and show no signs of slowing down.

 With so much potential floating on the internet, it is time to fuel your style sense. So, if you wish to be the ‘it-girl” that rules the gram, here are some Instagram-worthy looks for you to dawn in style.

 Best Outfits To Wear For Instagram Photos

 1. Matching separates

 ‘Matching separates’ exist to get you out of a style rut. Co-ord sets tempt everyone with their trendiness. It can be anything from a cropped top and skirt to a colourful pantsuit, all you need to do is master the art of coordinating. It is a go-to outfit that can get your feed massive traction. It is equal parts sophisticated and hip.

 2. Pleated periwinkle skirts

 Pleated skirts cannot be beaten when it comes to versatility or chic factor. A click in a pleated skirt is sure to turn heads and makes a lasting impression on the viewer. You can style it with almost everything, right from ankle boots and cut-out turtlenecks to flannel shirts and heels. Pleated skirts, whenever you wear them will feel like they you just got a brand-new lease on life.

3. Hourglass dress

Hourglass dresses are enough to have you dressed to the nines. Hugging silhouettes brings out the raw, unfiltered and uncensored side of you that can be very attractive to your followers. All you have to do is channel your inner Monroe and let the dress naturally play up your best features on the gram. You can also accentuate the waist with accessories such as belts or nipped garments.

 4. Graphic tees

 When in doubt, just tee it! Graphic tees are the most underrated assets in your closet. They are fun, out-there and totally timestamped to represent the street style and fashion. It is an outfit that is comfy and yet effortlessly stylish. When paired with a classic pair of jeans, it acts as an outfit for a no-fuss-no-muss look.

 5. Layering with jackets